HPR Clients

Many thanks to these organizations for their investment in Zero Waste at their events!

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RF Events
Ann Arbor, MI
Zero Waste since 2016

Puts on over 20 events per year from 5K holiday races through multi-day ultramarathons, triathlons, and a snowshoe race.

Many RF Events races don’t produce enough landfill trash to fill a sandwich bag.

“I used to feel guilty about how much we threw away during our events. I don’t feel guilty anymore.”

— Randy Step, owner


Epic Races
Ann Arbor, MI
Zero Waste since 2017

Holds multiple events per year, including the Ann Arbor Marathon and Women run the D Half Marathon, as well as several triathlons.

The Epic Races Zero Waste program has been featured by USA Triathlon.

“After implementing Happy Planet Running’s solid waste plan, only 3% … was sent to landfills during our first year working together.  We look forward to continuing to implement all that we have learned from Jeff at future events.  This kind of education should be mandatory for all event directors.”

— Eva Solomon, owner

Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon

Ann Arbor Track Club
Ann Arbor, MI
Zero Waste: Dexter-Ann Arbor Run since 2018

HPR helped improve the event’s landfill diversion rate from about 50 percent to over 98 percent. “Jeff’s knowledge and passion means I no longer need to order a trash dumpster. Our landfill waste fits into one garbage bag.

— Michael Linkevich, finish line director


Upland Hill School logo

Upland Hills School
Oxford, MI
Zero Waste: Run Upland Hills 5K/10K

The 2018 Run Upland Hills 5K/10K was the school’s first organized running event. They wanted it to be as sustainable as possible.

Jeff spoke to the children and teachers planning the race, supplied compostable cups, and supervised the waste stations on race day.

Upland Hills 5K 2018 - Tent with race staff

“I showed the tiny bag of waste to the children in Race Class and they gave a spontaneous round of applause, as did the staff when I showed them later.  Thank you so much for being a part of making our first run such a success.”

— Robert Crowe, teacher and race director

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