Scrumpy Skedaddle 2022 Sustainability Report

It’s cider mill season again, and that means another Scrumpy Skedaddle at Almar Orchards in Flushing. Run a 5K, 10K, or both (the “Cider Slam”) through the orchard, and enjoy cider and pancakes afterward, with live music. Even the yellow jackets are in a (reasonably) good mood, with so much sugar and fermenting apples around.

Scrumpy is one of Jeff’s favorite events for many reasons, one big one being the fabulous hard cider served on tap. But he had a schedule conflict, so HPR intern Rachael was Green Team captain. This was her debut as captain, and she handled things like a pro, with just one helper, her friend Charlotte. Fortunately, the event’s “footprint” is mainly the post-race pancake area, with one cart at registration for cardboard and the small amount of waste generated by runners there.

Oops, someone forgot to dress for the chilly weather. Thanks for sticking it out, Charlotte!

As usual, the Zero Waste Station was set up at the exit to the post-race area. To save time and effort, an All Waste cart was not placed at the start of the cider and pancakes line. Rachael reported no litter problems. Seems that the runners were fine holding onto their water bottles there.

Pancakes are served on compostable plates, and compostable “sporks” are the utensils, so no worries about syrup contamination – just toss it all in the bin! An improvement over last year was serving pancake syrup from pump jugs instead of individual packets, saving the effort of washing them (see last year’s report for the gory details). And cider is served in finisher glasses or mugs, meaning a lot fewer cups to deal with. Recycling consisted mainly of finish line water bottles and waxed cups from the water stop.

As usual, food waste was given to the orchard’s pigs, which are always happy for treats. However, it seems a number of people were unhappy that the food tossed to them included pork sausage. (The pigs voiced no objections.)

Whatever you just gave me – more, please!

Just one hiccup – we forgot to weigh the pig food before giving it to them, so that amount is estimated based on last year’s totals, adjusted for attendance.

Landfill consisted mainly of tape and wet wipes, totaling just half a pound. Not quite the baggie of last year, but close! And many thanks to Sara at Almar for saving me some cider!

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