Tri Goddess Tri 2022 Sustainability Report

A perfect morning at Portage Lake for a swim/bike/run, or variations thereof. And it was fun seeing all the kids out there supporting their moms!

We set up the Zero Waste station near the food and beer tents, and put All Waste boxes at each end of transition, swapping them out now and then. We removed the trash bin near the play area for the duration of the event.

Post-race food was egg and cheese wraps, pancakes, bananas, ice cream bars, and cups of salad. Plates and forks were compostable. Bearclaw Coffee supplied hot and cold drinks in compostable containers, and the beer and hard seltzer were served in cans.

Landfill consisted of the foil used to wrap the breakfast burritos and ice cream wrappers, with a bit of small plastic pull-off tabs from the ankle tags. We were able to recycle or compost everything else, including cable ties, race bibs, and snack bag and Gu wrappers, thanks to TerraCycle.

I had one volunteer to assist, who did a great job. Thanks, Yichen!

Not much else to report. Everything went “swimmingly” well!

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