A perfect day to run the RF Events Liberty run at Heritage Park in Canton. Runners could choose a 5K, or 10K, or both (the Liberty Slam), and enjoy the rest of the Liberty Festival afterward. And Wonder Woman sang the national anthem!

The Zero Waste station was set up near the finish line, where the post race food – bananas, chips, and cookies – were handed out. Total waste was way down from previous years. Part of that was due to lower attendance, but the adjusted total (waste per 100 runners) is trending down as well. Good stuff there.

More good news was fewer water bottles and banana peels left on the grass, which has been a problem in past years. There was much less litter this year, so a regular patrol was able to keep it under control. The race staff helped out by bringing us cardboard as they generated it, so we didn’t get a big dump at the end. And the park picked up the cardboard to recycle, saving me some time and effort after the race.

And landfill? We achieved the “baggie” total with less than half a pound, mostly tape, and over 99 percent landfill diversion.

Race director Randy proudly shows off the Single Bag(gie) of Trash.

Overall, a smooth event. I even got to run the 5K!