Getting it Right: T-Rex Triathlon 2022 Sustainability Report

The T-Rex Tri is the fourth and final sprint triathlon in the RF Events T-Rex series. It’s the most challenging race of the series for the Green Team, as it gets dark more quickly, but there is still the same amount of work to do for takedown and cleanup of the race area. Everything seems to hit at once – taking down the stations and packing up while last-minute waste comes in from transition, volunteers, aid stations, and athletes.

The main Zero Waste station was in its usual location between the registration and volunteer tents. I put a table with the “Free Stuff” box closer to registration. Four park trash cans in the race area were temporarily removed, and replaced at takedown. All Waste boxes were put at the two transition area entrances/exits and under the finish line food tent. The satellite station in the party area went up after race start.

Debbie at the satellite station.
Alise and me at the main station. See, sustainability is fun!

I usually begin takedown after the awards presentation, but this time I took down the main station canopy and two of the tables as soon as it started. At the satellite station I used the rolling sign instead of a staked one, and ensured everything except the table could fit into a single 96-gallon cart. This evened out the effort enough so I could patrol the beach and transition area to pick up litter while it was still light out. And everything was packed up in record time. Will definitely keep this strategy.

This year has been challenging for RF Events, the folks who put on this series. Big cost increases meant limiting post-race food and going to handmade medals, volunteers were scarce, and there was a chemical spill that nearly cancelled the swim portion of the T-Rex. (Some did end up choosing the duathlon option of run-bike-run.) But the races were full and everything went as smoothly as you’d expect with these guys. It’s a pleasure to continue to work with them.

And a big shout-out to my helpers – Debbie, who handled the busy satellite station like a pro, and Alise, who after serving as lifeguard on the lake, hung out with me at the main station and helped with takedown. You guys are the best!

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