Recyclable Cups? A New Hope

Runners love their coffee, and during races they need water and other hydration drinks. The most popular method for delivering the drinks continues to be paper cups. And why not? They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and do their job well. And they’re often provided free to races by sponsors such as Absopure. But the standard cup isContinue reading “Recyclable Cups? A New Hope”

Paper Cups at Events: Recycle, Compost, or Trash?

Ah, paper cups. You see them at every running event, being handed out at aid stations to perspiring runners, who slug down the contents and then toss them down, sometimes in a waste bin, but often just in the road, or wherever. What happens to them afterward? Your average runner has no idea. Trash collection isContinue reading “Paper Cups at Events: Recycle, Compost, or Trash?”