Flirt with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report

Here’s a report from Ellen of Pink Elephant Events, who graciously covered Zero Waste for me at the Flirt with Dirt trail races earlier this year. Thanks, Ellen, and great job!

One reason for the low overall waste total was that this race is cupless, part of the RF Events commitment to sustainability through reuse and waste reduction as well as recycling. Do you know a race that could do the same? Send them here to learn how!

Do you have a wedding, concert, or other event in the metro Detroit area and want it to be sustainable? Give Pink Elephant a call!

One thought on “Flirt with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report

  1. Do people have companies that help events reduce waste? And can you make a living doing this?
    It seems like it could be done.
    My company has recycle bins but no one seems to be able to read when they are throwing things away, and I work in a building full of MIT grads! go figure.
    If my company is only paying lip service to going green, I bet 99% of all other companies are the same. It’s just to check a box and maybe keep a few employees happy.
    What a great job it would be to help companies actually make a difference.

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