Scrumpy Skedaddle 2022 Sustainability Report

It’s cider mill season again, and that means another Scrumpy Skedaddle at Almar Orchards in Flushing. Run a 5K, 10K, or both (the “Cider Slam”) through the orchard, and enjoy cider and pancakes afterward, with live music. Even the yellow jackets are in a (reasonably) good mood, with so much sugar and fermenting apples around.Continue reading “Scrumpy Skedaddle 2022 Sustainability Report”

Flirt with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report

Here’s a report from Ellen of Pink Elephant Events, who graciously covered Zero Waste for me at the Flirt with Dirt trail races earlier this year. Thanks, Ellen, and great job! One reason for the low overall waste total was that this race is cupless, part of the RF Events commitment to sustainability through reuseContinue reading “Flirt with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report”

Chilly and Chili: Bigfoot Snowshoe 5K/10K Sustainability Report

The Bigfoot Snowshoe race is something I can describe only as having an odd but irresistible attraction. I mean, running a 5K or 10K is hard enough in shoes on roads or trails. But run in snow? Who does that? Well, I have every year since 2014, along with about five hundred others who strapContinue reading “Chilly and Chili: Bigfoot Snowshoe 5K/10K Sustainability Report”

Getting On and Taking Advantage

A warm welcome to the readers of RunBikeThrow, my blog, and Happy Planet Running, my Zero Waste business website. I hope you are well and staying safe through all this. The RBT family – me, my wife Joyce, and my daughters and their partners, and my siblings and their families, are all fine and doingContinue reading “Getting On and Taking Advantage”

The GSB Interview: Jamie Simon, Greening the LA Marathon

Originally posted on GreenSportsBlog:
The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is one of the biggest in the United States, drawing 25,000+ runners from all over the world each year. The race passes through four cities, each with their own sustainability (recycling, composting, etc.) protocols and vendor contracts. Getting all four cities to pull together to…

Green-Sports Corporate All Stars: adidas Launches Shoe Made from Plastic Ocean Waste; Patagonia’s “Worn Wear” College Tour

Originally posted on GreenSportsBlog:
Conventional wisdom has it that, given the anti-environmentalist attitudes of the current occupant of the Oval Office, the corporate sector will need to step up, bigly, on behalf of serious action on climate change. With that in mind, GreenSportsBlog will, from time to time, highlight “Green-Sports Corporate All Stars” taking the lead at the…

How to Win Gold in Austin: Go Green!

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Texas is not the first state one thinks of in terms of Green-Sports leadership. But the Lone Star State is starting to move in that direction. In today’s TGIF News & Notes column, we take a look at last month’s Austin Marathon from a sustainability standpoint, courtesy of the Council for Responsible Sport.…