Hell of a Good Day: Dances with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report

It was a pretty good day in Hell for Dances with Dirt this year. A brief rain in the morning turned into a cool overcast day, with the sun peeking out occasionally. A perfect day for solo and relay ultras in the woods. The big change from 2021 was relocation from Halfmoon Lake to CampContinue reading “Hell of a Good Day: Dances with Dirt 2022 Sustainability Report”

Flirt with Dirt 5K/10K Sustainability Report

This event represented a first for Happy Planet Running – leaving the Zero Waste station unattended for an entire race. Yes, perhaps a more fitting title for this was Flirt with Disaster, but I don’t get to name the races. I’m just the Trashman. How did this come about? A very fortunate event – theContinue reading “Flirt with Dirt 5K/10K Sustainability Report”