If you “beer it” they will come…

The Oberun – a beer party with a 5K thrown in – takes place at Wiard’s Orchards in Ypsilanti. The always-popular event hadn’t been run since 2019, for reasons we’re all aware of, but people hadn’t forgotten what a good time it is. And once again, beer sales went to benefit the Border-to-Border Trail. As a frequent user of said trail, I was all too happy to be part of this event.

We set up the main Zero Waste station in the center of the party area, and another station at each of the two entrances/exits. We used 96-gallon bins for beer cans and compostables, and pails or smaller cardboard bins for snack wrappers, water bottles, and specialty items (loose bottle caps, race bibs, etc.).

As expected, once the 1,600-plus runners finished, things got hot and heavy for the Green Team. Fortunately, one of my staffers brought along a volunteer (thanks, Meredith!) so with her, me, Rachael, and Debbie, we had just enough people to keep up with the rush.

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