Overrun? Oberun Ypsi 5K Sustainability Report

A 5K on a beautiful summer evening in an orchard, with food, games, and beer afterward. What could go wrong? For the runners, nothing. For the Zero Waste team behind the scenes? Plenty! Read on for how things could have ended in disaster, and how we recovered.

Peace, Love, and Zero Waste: Run Woodstock Sustainability Report

Billed as, “a weekend of peace, love, music, and running,” Run Woodstock is the largest RF Events race of the year. It also generates the most waste of the year, with enough work to keep the Zero Waste team busy from setup on Thursday through takedown on Sunday. In 2016 we achieved 88% landfill diversionContinue reading “Peace, Love, and Zero Waste: Run Woodstock Sustainability Report”

Hightail to Ale: Zero Waste in the Rain

Sustainability Report: Hightail to Ale 5K Date: May 5, 2017 Event company: RF Events, Ann Arbor MI Location: Atwater Brewery, Detroit MI # Attendees: 2,900 runners Zero Waste Team volunteers: 4, plus basketball team members Hightail to Ale is one of the “Thirsty 3” series that celebrates great beer, wine, and cider in southern Michigan.Continue reading “Hightail to Ale: Zero Waste in the Rain”